When you are using an auto-feeder scanner, it's possible to see vertical lines on the scanned images. Usually, there are three reasons for this:

  • Your scanner lenses are dirty, and you need to clean it. You can use a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and clean both lenses and also clean the rubber rollers.
  • You are scanning very reflective cards like chrome cards or very high glossy cards. Unfortunately for this, you can't do anything other than scanning those cards on a regular flatbed scanner. Many users prefer speed, so they keep those cards like this; many buyers know that it's a scanner issue.
  • You may have scanned some very ruff cards that scratched your scanner lens. If you look closely, you may see scratches on your bottom scanner lens. If this is the case, there is not that much you can do other than ask Fujitsu for lens replacement. This is not cheap we heard that it's around $500 so please be sure that you're not scanning cards with a unique finish that can scratch the lenses.