If you have try to scan using the Fujitsu SV600 in Kronocard and it didn't work here is what to do.

  • Uninstall all Fujitsu drivers already installed including any other Fujitsu scanner.
  • Because the SV600 use a special driver, it need to be installed first before any other Fujitsu drivers. Here is the official Kronocard driver: https://www.kronozio.com/kronocard/download/SV600-Kronocard-Driver.zip
  • Unzip and install that driver and reboot your computer.
  • Try the SV600 in Kronocard it should now works.
  • If it's working, you can now install you other Fujitsu drivers, reboot and try all the scanners in Kronocard.

In some rare situation, some particular Fujitsu SnapScan driver are not compatible with the SV600 special driver. They need to be uninstalled.

If you still have issues with your SV600 let us know we will assist you in making it work.