Sometime it's not possible to have the main computer with Kronocard installed in the same room as where you have your inventory to scan. As you may already know, Kronocard is a single computer application. But, we have split the scanning part of the software so user can have multiple scanning stations and one main Kronocard installation.

First thing to do is install Kronocard on the second computer.

When done we strongly suggest that you go rename the main Kronocard application to prevent opening it by accident and merge the scanned cards into that Kronocard instead of the main Kronocard.

In the folder: C:\Programmes (x86)\Kronozio\Kronocard

Rename that file KronoCard.exe to Kronocard-BAK.exe
Doing this is will prevent opening it with the regular icon.

In the same folder you will find a file called KronoScan.exe this is the one that you will use all the time on the scanning stations. You can create a shortcut to that file on your Windows desktop or in the program bar.

If you open that application it's the scanning part of Kronocard. You will get that interface.

What is very important here is the cards location that you are about to scan.
You need to select a category, type, number, row and section that do not already contain cards!  If you forget to change that before scanning, when it will be the time to merge the images to the main Kronocard they will not get merged because there will be cards in that position in your inventory.

When you're done scanning and it's time to move the cards to the other computer you need to connect an external drive or you can also use a jump drive.

Some technical information. When you are scanning, kronocard is saving jpg files into a folder. When done and you hit save, kronocard create a merge file ending with .kgc   It's very important that that .kgc file is copied only when you are sure that all the jpg images are copied. To help you with this task we created a simple little app to do this in the right order.

So, on your external drive create a folder called Kronozio and in that folder create a folder ScannedCards-NEW
In the Kronozio folder uncompress that file so in Kronozio folder in your drive you will have a file Kronozio-Scan-Merge.bat and a folder ScannedCards-NEW

Now! Each time you're done scanning cards you copy everything from the folder C:\ProgramData\Kronozio\Metacard\ScannedCards to the folder ScannedCards-NEW in your external drive.

Now move that external drive to the other computer with the main Kronocard and when ready double click on the file Kronozio-Merge-Scan.bat and it will copy the file to the right location in the correct order.

Now on the main Kronocard computer you can wait a couple of seconds and the data will be merged into your database. Sometimes it's cards images are not showing correctly they are all black. In that case just restart Kronocard and they will show up.