Kronozio support all flatbed scanners that have a Twain 32 bits driver for Windows.

But, Kronozio support only those autofeeder scanners:

  • Fujistu fi-6130z
  • Fujitsu fi-7160
  • Fujitsu fi-7180
  • Epson DS-510
  • Epson DS-560
  • (NEW) Epson ES-400

Why aren't we supporting more autofeeders?

Simple: Autofeeders are using non-standard Twain commands to operate. Furthermore, those twains commands are mostly undocumented.

To support an autofeeder scanner we have to:

  • Purchase it (they are much more expensive than flatbeds).
  • Test the scanners to assess their performances and verify it is able to crop many types of cards.
  • Reverse engineer the non-standard and undocumented commands to integrate them in our software.

Those tasks costs a lot of time and money, much more than the cost of a fujitsu fi-7160 !

Ok, you already invested in your autofeedeer scanner and you got it to work with another sotware (lucky you) that creates nice font and back images.

What can you do? Easy: you can use our Photo import module. Scan at 300 dpi and save in .jpg then import. see: Import module

We recommend Fujitsu fi-7160

The reason is that it is the best scanner we support. If you intend to scan a lot of cards it is worth the money.

The other auto feeder scanners we support are:

  • Fujitsu fi-6130z (discontinued but can be found used, does not add a border arround cards. Some users have the fi-6130 without the "z" but it seems to have problems cropping cards correctly.)
  • Epson DS-510 and DS-560 The Epson DS-510 cost the one third of the fi-7160. However the money you save will be lost fighting with the scanner: It is less good to grab cards, It is less good to crop cards, It will create some stretched images.

However, it is still faster than a flatbed. If you are not sure you want to process dozens of thousands cards then it is a good choice.

Best: fi-7160

Good: DS-510, DS-560