Kronocard uses the status field to manage the cards life cycle. Here are the possible statuses used by Kronocard:

DOC The card is in documenting state. This is the initial status once a card has been scanned. Next possible status are ASK or RDY.

ASK User asked Kronozio Documentation Services to document this card. When in this status a card cannot be modified until it returns documented from Kronozio Documentation Services.

RDY Card is documented and thus ready for sale (or auction).

BUY Card is on sale in your web store. Buyers can make you offers. While in this status you can modify the card at any time.

AUC Card is in auction in your web store. Buyers can bid. While in this status you can modify the card at any time until there is a first bid or there is less than 24 hours left to the auction.

SLD Card has been bought online, it is in a cart. Once the bill is paid your will have to ship the card. (if unpaid after X days then the card will go back to RDY status). You cannot modify cards in SLD status. (Note. Up to Kronocard v0.9.11 a dollar bill icon was used to represent a SLD card).

SHP You have shipped the card: It is no longer in your inventory. You can also use this status if you sold the card offline.

NOT Whatever the reason : you do not want to sold this card.