Flatbed scanner

Most of the flatbed scanners on the market are supported. Look for a TWAIN32bits driver before running Kronocard.

Auto-feeder scanners

At the moment we only support those automatic feeder scanners:

  • Fujitsu fi-8170 (New!)
  • Fujitsu fi-7180
  • Fujitsu fi-7160
  • Fujitsu fi-7030
  • Fujitsu fi-6130z
  • Fujitsu SV600
  • Fujitsu fi-65F
  • Epson DS-510
  • Epson DS-560
  • Epson ES-400
    Information Here

If you want all the details about the best scanners Fujitsu, here is what we have: https://scanners.kronozio.com

We will try to integrate other auto-feeder scanner in the future.

Kronocard can't work with all the scanners...

Why are we mentionning this?

Having Kronocard communicating directly with the scanner sometime it can get quite complicated. If your scanner is not supported officially by Kronocard you can use the one you have with the software provided with it. The only parameter that is important is the scanning resolution that must be 300dpi. You scan your cards front and back in a folder and when done you open Kronocard. If you go to the scanning module of Kronocard in the scanner list at the top you can select Import Photos. With that option you will be able to select your scanned images and import it in Kronocard. Here is our information about the import module.

If you have a Microsoft Surface laptop, unfortunately they are not compatible with Fujitsu scanner because they are using an ARM processor and Fujitsu doesn't released a driver for that type of processor. They are probably not compatible to Epson too...