In Kronocard we currently have our own scheduling mechanism. It's similar to the one in eBay but with an option that is pretty unique that can help you drive more sales. (Available only with the Kronocard Plus option and some connectors)

The picture above shows a calendar icon. Select the rows of the cards you want to schedule and click it. Selected start date will appear in the Start column with a light blue background.


Kronocard runs on your computer: if the computer is turned off at the time of the listing submission, then it won’t be able to submit the listing. You can close Kronocard but not your computer because server communication is handled by process in the background.

Let’s say you are ok with that and you plan to leave your computer turned on at the listing time so the listing can be submitted. What happens if you forgot to turned on your computer?

Answer: Listings will be submitted the next time you turn on you computer if the current time is higher than the listing start time.

The next screen shows your schedule choice with the option to drive more sales:

The date can be up to one week in the future and you can add a delay between each listing.

You can see your scheduled listings in the eBay listings screen. You will get a “sch” code after the date in the “eBay Start YMD” column. Once the eBay listing is create that date will be replaced by the real eBay start date of the listing.

OK now the SPECIAL option to help you get more sales is this one:

Add at least this X number of minutes between listings.

Why we are telling you that this option can drive more sales? It start from the principal that when buyers go to eBay and browse for cards regularly they are sorting the display list by more recent first!  So based on that, let say you want to submit 1000 cards to eBay. A good strategy could be to submit right away 800 cards and keep 200 for that special option. With that option selected for you 200 cards, put for example 30 in the box. That means that one card will be submitted to eBay every 30 minutes. So you will have one card at the top of the eBay list every 30 minutes for the next 4 days :D  Magic happen with this.