At first, Kronocard was created to list sports cards only. But after some times, users started to list other type of cards using Kronocard on eBay. Non-sport like movie cards, stars cards and later gaming cards like Pokemon, MTG, Yu-Gy-Ho, etc.

We decided to modify Kronocard so that sellers can list pretty all type of cards on eBay. Here is an example of Kronocard setting to list Pokemon cards.

Follow the 5 steps to display the Categories panel.

In that panel in the eBay Category code for single item be sure that you have 2611.
In the Item Condition be sure that you have 3000 for A B C quality.

If this is good try to list your Pokemon cards. If you receive an error please send a screen capture containing all the error message OR you can select all the error text in the Kronocard message center copy and paste it in an email to our support email.