Kronocard 2.0.0

May 10, 2021


For a very long time we didn't release any updates to Kronocard. This was not because we were not working. For a long time we wanted to have that major upgrade to our system and many told us that it was impossible... With very hard work, talented person we realized the impossible all together!  We are proud to have incorporated in our system, artificial intelligence documentation. So starting from this version, you may have access to it. All the details about that A.I. documentation can be found here: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Bug Fixes

  • Team are now saved to the local database when coming for the server.
  • An anoying mechanism in the documentation grid was maintaining a capital letter automaticaly for each words.
  • Some corrections has been done in the language files.

New Features

  • With the Pro version, you can send card to our AI server for identification
  • All advance Kronocard options that was part of the Premium/Plus version are now included also in the Pro version.
  • For better result with AI documentation, card images need to be of better quality. We updated the quality of the save image.
  • Documentation credits mechanism has been removed. As soon as you get the Pro version you can document an unlimited quantity of cards.
  • We are still offering a free version. Please note that this version now only allow to scan up to 2,500 cards. Over that, you need to get the Pro version.
    *Note: For existing users that already have more than 2,500 cards in Kronocard. You can ask to get unlocked to scan more. You will not get the Pro but you will continue to get access to the scanning module.
  • We added new columns in the documentation pages to display information about the AI documentation result.
  • The scanning module of Kronocard has been completely rewritten with a new and more recent library.