Congratulations: you now have tens of thousands of cards in your Kronocard database! It's great but do you remember all those cards?

Search for cards in Kronocard allows you to find cards based on keywords created from the fields: year, product, set, card number, description (player name), memorabilia, special, rookie, autograph and serial number. This is already really good! And remember: in Kronocard you can edit your search results!

Optional feature

But now, if you have tens of thousands of cards you probably have more specific search needs. Some examples:

  • The cards worth between $ 5 and $ 15 from before 1989 that are not on eBay
  • Baseball cards that are for sale at a price of $ 1 or more or have a suggested price of more than $ 1
  • Hockey cards for which the product field is not defined
  • All UD or Upper Deck cards except MVP

It is to meet this need that we have created the Advanced cards search. It is available to all eBay connector Gold or Platinum users and Kronocard Plus users.

All fields of the cards can be interrogated to form simple or complex queries using a not too complicated user interface.

Even better: we provided you some example queries that you can run or modify to create your own. To access Advanced Search queries or to create your own click the down arrow as shown in the following picture:

List of provided queries

Select any of the listed queries or select the last choice "Query Manager..." to create your own or modify existing one.

Logical operators AND and ORThe only explanation I have to give you is the difference between the AND and OR operators in a query. These are logical operators and they do not behave like a sentence in spoken language.

For example, if you want all Hockey "and" Baseball cards you must use the OR operator because a card can not be both in the category Hockey and Baseball: it is one or the other.

A logical AND means that all conditions must be met while a logical OR means that one of the conditions must be respected.

Tip to edit up to 3000 cards in the editing grid from the search results.

Here is a previously undocumented function of Kronocard. If you do a search that returns hundreds of results, the normal operation of the button that invokes the group edit screen (grid icon) is to load only the first 30 cards (or 50, or 100, depending on the number selected just above). To edit the next 30 you have to click the double arrows to change the page.

Tips: If you leave the number of cards at 30 and you press the [Ctrl] key on your keyboard when you click the group edit button then, it is not the first 30 cards that will be loaded into the editing grid but the first 3000! And if you change the page then it will be the next 3000! So, this hidden feature is now available to everyone and, could be especially handy for those who want to export several cards at once. But, beware:  If your computer is not very powerful, 3000 cards in the editing grid could cause slowdowns.