If you seeing a message that asks for a special password, that means that you installed Kronocard on another computer. If this is right, it's ok no problem with that.

Kronocard is not a "cloud" software, if you install it on one computer, scan some cards, list online and want to change for another computer, it will not synchronize the data on the second computer automatically. You need to copy the data from the first computer to the second one like you will do with any other documents or photos. If you need to move your data from one computer to the other one here is the procedure to do your backup

If you have never listed cards for sale online on kronozio.com or eBay or asked for documentation, you can enter the password without the need to do a backup or anything else and it will activate Kronocard on that new computer.

That password is dynamic; it changes every day. It's a combination of the three letters kds+the last two digits of the year+the month number+day number.
As an example if we are June(06) 10, 2020 the password will be kds36
(20 + 6 + 10 = 36)

If you are unsure if you're doing your backup correctly, please contact our support to help you to prevent losing data.