Item conditions is a piece of important information needed from eBay. By default, Kronocard assigns three qualities matching our Kronocard internal A B C qualities.

  • A = Very Good
  • B = Good
  • C Acceptable

It's important to note that those quality values within eBay do no refer to the grading quality usually use for sports cards. Quality A (very good) in Kronocard and on eBay is not the same as Very Good in grading. It's more a general value to let the buyer know that the item is not brand new or globally what is the quality. You can keep the values as they are and you will not have any issues.

But if you prefer to adjust all those values we are providing a way to modify them.

First, you go into the Kronocard settings like this.

Now in that menu, you can modify the text descriptions that will be written under the condition on eBay. We strongly recommend keeping the part mentioning to refer to the pictures. You can't change the eBay condition on that page to do so click on Manage categories... (2).

On this page, select on the left (1) the category that you want to modify the eBay condition values. All categories can have their own values. When the category is selected on the right (2) you can change the eBay condition values. IMPORTANT! Those values are different for trading card games (Pokemon) or stamps. Be careful when changing it you can't put arbitrary values.  You can try with different values found in that eBay page:

The default value for sports cards is A 4000, B 5000 and C 6000. In that case, we changed Kronocard card quality A to 2750 (Like New). If you change the condition to something not supported by eBay you will receive multiple messages in the Kronocard message center. It's not a problem you can go back and modify the values again until it's working. Some eBay categories use the same value for all conditions. Sometime, the three condition ids are 3000.