This is from start to finish how to list cards on eBay using Kronocard eBay connector.

Create an account on

You need to go to at the top right corner you just click on the Login button.

Now in that page you need to click: Create Account.

Here we need you to enter all your information. Don't forget to select your language and under the language please select in the list if you heard about Kronozio from one of our affiliate.

When the registration is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email that is asking to click a link to validate your account.

If after 10 minutes you still don't have that email it may have ended in your spam folder... Look in your spam folder to find it. If not found contact and we will manualy activate your account.

The email will look like this. Just click on the orange button in the middle.

When your email is confirmed just click on the Kronozio logo at the top of the web page, it will bring you back to the main page.

Now you can click on Login this time and in the popup box enter your user name, assword and click on the Connect button.

When buying or selling on or eBay using our connector it's important to fill your profile. After you are logged in click on your user name at the top and click on Profile.

In your profile take the time to accurately fill your address including your country. When one click Save

Download and install Kronocard

OK it's now time to download kronocard here: Kronocard Download In the Kronocard download page click on the blue button to start the download and come back to the how to.

When the download is complete go double click on the download file. The setup process will start with this interface. You can follow all the next steps by keeping the value to the default.

Last step you can close the setup and start Kronocard.

The first time you open Kronocard it will ask you to select the type of card collection you want to work with. Don't worry you can add and remove card type at any time later. So pick what best for you for the moment. When done click on [Go Kronocard!]

You are now in Kronocard. This image represent the difference between collectors using or not Kronocard to manage their inventory. Click on [It's a Go!]

The first thing you will be asked is to enter your account information you created for

If your login information are correct you will see this page.

Here you are in the configuration page. At the top left corner you have six buttons representing the 6 steps to complete. Click on the first one the [Store Name].