Collecting sports cards, what a great passion! If you’re like us, you  started collecting long time ago. Going to the store every weekend, counting your pennies, one by one, to get this little treasure pack. To be honest, as a kid we were fan of only one team and were hoping to get all the cards of that team first.

So years passed, you get older, you have kids, a job, you make more money, you buy more cards and suddenly you have a complete room of cards at home!

Wow! All those cards have been stacked for years in a room, a closet or in the garage. You have your family, a full time job and... No Time!

Every year you told yourself that it would be a good idea to start selling some of those cards on the web and make some extra money. Let be honest, this idea always ends up the same way, you're not doing anything or maybe that extra week vacation that you stayed home you have been able to put maybe 500 cards on EBay that week.

Selling some cards is really fun and getting more money is great. But without enough time what are your options to sell ? Why does it take so much time?

Scanning cards is not too complicated and I'm pretty fast. So what is the problem? DOCUMENTATION! Typing the information for 500 cards takes time, imagine for 10,000 or 50,000 cards, it takes years!

What are your solutions

  • Send your cards in consign somewhere (worth doing it for expensive cards only)
  • For small quantities you can do it yourself with Kronozio using our super fast software!
  • For larger quantities you can ask Kronozio to do the documentation for you, saving you time!

How can Kronozio document without having to send them the cards?

Kronozio build a new approach to solve that problem, thinking out of the box, taking the bull by the horns.

This is the simple workflow:

  1. If you haven’t done it yet, create a group of cards (same year and same set).
  2. You scan your cards because it's easy and simple.
  3. Because you know your cards, you only need to enter the year and set name (only 2 information to type per group !).
  4. You select a group of scanned cards and click on the magic wand.
  5. Wait until Kronozio has completed the documentation (card number and player name).

What's happening under the hood between step 4 and 5?

  • When you click on the magic wand the software installed on your computer sends the scanned image in the cloud on Kronozio's private server.
  • When completed, your cards information goes to a quality control system for validation.
  • After the approval phase, the cards information comes back automatically in your database on your computer!

This is so easy you can try it for free! We currently have a promotion that gives you 500 free credits for all new Kronocard installed!

Register, scan, ask for documentation, set your prices, sale online and get money!