When you are using the Kronocard eBay connector you need to authorize the connection between Kronocard and your eBay account. This procedure is needed for a new Kronocard linked to eBay but it's also needed when you authorized the eBay connector long time ago and you need to refreah the authorization.

Here are the steps to do it.

First step will bring you in at the right place in Kronocard to do this.

In the next window you need to enter your current eBay user ID and select if you are listing on eBay.com (US) or any other eBay site. When ready click on Authorize Kronocard

An internet browser will show up and ask you to sign in to your eBay account. This is an eBay security page we are not registering anything from here.

If you logged correctly eBay will show a message asking you if you agree to give access to Kronocard. Click Agree.

When done you will see that message. Don't panic you will see Authorization cancelled. This is a known bug from eBay and they never corrected it sorry.  But it's working.

When you are back in Kronocard it will restart the background Kronocard service and if you want to validate you can click on the Verify button.

With that done you now have authorized the communication between Kronocard and your eBay account.