What are your options for boxes?

Here are the options

• B for Box (you can define your own letter for your classification)
• S could be used when you scan a sheet of 9 cards

Use the letters as you wish

• The number of your box (ex.001). By default, the sequence will start at 001 and will add as you go. The system will memorize where you left at your last session.

• The number of your row (4 rows per box of 3200 cards). Same as for number of boxes, we start by row 1 and add on. You can change the # depending on your needs.

• Letters will divide rows in many section. As soon as you have reached the MAX cards (for the section) the program will advise you that you need to insert a section divider. you can find our templates at http://support.kronozio.com/category/english/document-templates/

MAX cards
• Amount of cards per section (caution: the fewer cards per section imply more section divides to print). Please note that it’s always possible to add cards in an already scanned box if the identified row and section is empty. If not, you will have a section with a larger amount of cards than the MAX cards.